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Custom Youth Wood Bats

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Youth 271 Wood Bat
This 271 model wood baseball bat is based on the standard C271 which has a slightly larger knob to accommodate the 2" flared handle. The top hand of the handle is 15/16" in thickness then slowly goes ...
List Price: $159.95
Youth 73 Wood Bat
The model 73 wood baseball bat is based on the universal conversion model 73 or "Barry Bonds" model. The large bell knob is a unique feature of this model. The large knob allows you to swing a bigger ...
List Price: $159.95
Youth 110 Wood Bat
This is a standard 110 model wood baseball bat turning with a thicker handle and a med barrel. This model has great balance and feel. Preferred by the contact hitter and by parents of the player new t...
List Price: $159.95
Youth 141 Wood Bat
The Outlaw 141 model wood baseball bat is based on the standard T141. The small knob is complimented by a thin handle and neck. The barrel tapers to the large sweet spot then goes straight to the end ...
List Price: $159.95