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Know Thine Bat

Anatomy of a Wood Bat

Where is the sweet spot on my bat? What's a flared knob? In today's market trying to figure out the differences between models can be a daunting task for the seasoned veteran and rookie alike.

Today's wood bat can be broken down into three categories: knob, handle, and barrel. Understanding each of these parts is important when it comes to understanding why you might prefer one model to another and might give you some insight on what you might want to try in the future.

Wood Bat Knobs

The knob of your wood bat is the part of the bat below where your hands rest. The four styles of knobs you will find here at Outlaw Bats are: flared, standard, cone, and bell shaped.

Flared Knob

Flared knobs are the most common style of knob and means the bat will have a tapered surface from the base of the knob to the thinnest part of the handle.

Popular Models: 271, 175G, and I13L.

Standard Knob

This style of knob is common with metal bats and knob has a straight transition from the knob to the thinnest part of the handle.

Popular Models: 110, 243, and 318.

Cone Knob

Cone knobs are typically used by players coming off of hamate bone injuries and tapers from the handle to the base of the bat gradually getting larger.

Popular Models: 110B and JH9

Bell Knob

Bell knobs expand the max diameter of the knob itself, adding mass at the base of the bat allowing it to work as a counter-weight.

Popular Models: 73 and MD99.

Wood Bat Handles

The handle of the bat is the part of the bat where your hand grips the bat to a little below the logo.

Thin Handle

We consider a thin handle to be about .92" and smaller. Thin handles are more popular with power hitters but bats with thinner handles are easier to break.

Popular Models: 243, I13L

Medium Handle

Medium handles are the most common and are typically around .95". Medium handles won't give you as much flex as a thin handle but you will get increased durability.

Popular Models: 271, 222, 318

Thick Handle

Thick handles are the least common of the three handles are come in around 1" in diameter and are the most durable of the three.

Popular Models: 110,161

Wood Bat Barrels

The barrels of wood bats can be broken down into small, medium, and large diameters.

Small Barrel

Small barrel models are generally 2.45" and smaller for adults.

Popular Models: 141, 159

Medium Barrel

Medium barrels are the most popular amongst adults and come in at about 2.5".

Popular Models: 271, 110, 222

Large Barrel

Large barrels are generally anything with a barrel diameter larger than 2.52".

Popular Models: 243, 271L, 73