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Best Wood Bat Model For Me?

Selecting the right wood bat is a vital part of being successful at the plate. The bat we choose to use is our way to level the playing field versus those nasty cutters and knee-buckling curves. Picking the right bat requires knowing what kind of hitter you want to be and what kind of hitter you actually are. For some, having the biggest barrel possible is a must. For others, they want to have complete control of the barrel through the zone to ensure contact. So what model is best for you?

If you're completely new to selecting a wood bat, or perhaps a parent trying to shop for your son or daughter, and not sure where to start head over to our wood bat sizing chart that has a breakdown of the most popular length amongst age groups as well as a length to weight chart.

Picking the right size wood bat

The first thing you need to do when picking a bat is figuring out the length. People coming to wood from metal have a great starting point and it's generally a safe bet to use the same length. The balance on wood bats makes them more end-heavy than their metal counterpart so adding extra length will lead to an unbalanced swing.

Picking the right model

What kind of hitter are you? Contact? Power? A gap hitter that wants to be able to go yard every once in awhile? There are many types of hitters out there and can be broken down into the following categories:

Contact Hitter

Contact hitters prefer smaller barrel models that allow them to maintain control of the barrel through the zone. Usually these models are preferred by those at the top of the line-up and/or are transitioning to the next level of play and the competition is faster. These models are common from 27" all the way up to 34".

Popular Models:

Gap Hitter

The gap hitter models have the widest range of models to pick from and are vary in sweet spot size (length of barrel) but are consistent to having around a 2.5" barrel. For most adult players 2.5" barrel diameter is the best starting spot. It's big enough where you can barrel up and really drive the ball out of the yard yet not too big that it drags through the zone. These models are common amongst 31" to 34" bats.

Popular Models:

Power Hitter

If "chicks dig the long ball" is your motto at the dish you're in the right spot. These barrels are for the big boys who want to feel like they're swinging a real piece of lumber in their hands. These models will be the biggest we have to offer and are best suited for players who can swing 33.5" and up.

Popular Models: